Purebred Breeders LLC touched By Dog’s Role In Toddler’s Life

Purebred Breeders LLC Alida Goldendoodle

Today Purebred Breeders LLC spotlights a beautiful little girl with a rare medical condition and the trusty dog helping to improve her quality of life. Dogs have filled many job titles over the centuries. They have seen combat, they fight crime, cater to people with disabilities, help children with behavioral problems, and provide well needed stress relief to get their human families through the day. This versatility is something a 3-year-old named Alida will grow up to appreciate, because it is the reason she is able to live a near normal life despite her medical condition.

How The Story Began

Little Alida was premature yet, she was a happy, healthy baby. This all changed for her parents, Aaron and Debbie, when the little girl reached 6 months. Mr. and Mrs. Knobloch would experience the first of several scary episodes that went unexplained. Their child would suddenly find it hard to breath, her heart would race for no reason, or her breathing would suddenly become alarmingly fast. It become a bigger nightmare on the day she had to be rushed to the hospital after turning blue.

Doctors at the hospital had no idea why, and the couple was forced to consult with several before finally getting a diagnosis approximately two months later. Their daughter had “neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia of infancy,” NEHI for short. This rare lung condition (that children are believed to eventually grow out of) meant that at 8 months Alida Knobloch had to be kept on oxygen most of her day, adding 6.6 lbs to the weight she had to contend with.

Mr. Gibbs To The Rescue

The main concern for the little girl’s parents was providing her with as many normal childhood experiences as possible despite the heavy load. This is where a young golden doodle service dog named Mr. Gibbs comes in. The patient and dependable canine companion is Alida’s life support and best friend. He runs along as she rides her bike, sits patiently when she’s stationary, goes on all her adventures, and even accompanies the family to restaurants.

It may sound like a lot of work, but Mr. Gibbs has been doing so well that the couple is confident their daughter will be able to attend school when the time comes. From what Purebred Breeders LLC understands, this was not considered the best dog for the toddler. However, the love was instant and there was no separating the two after they met.

Patient Throughout The Challenges

The dog’s trainer has a few concerns since this is the first case of a service dog working with someone so young. Mr. Gibbs will have to go everywhere Alida goes, learn to respond to her actions, and understand that what she says count as commands. The latter is sometimes a problem since she is too young to assert herself or even speak clearly, but these are just “kinks” that will workout in time.

This is a true testament to the bond between a dog and its owner. The Purebred Breeders LLC wishes the Knoblochs and Mr. Gibbs all the best. We also hope that Alida does “grow out” of her condition, and moves on to have a full, healthy life.

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I am a budding author with a lot of dreams, unfinished work and plans for the future. I love blogging, cooking, being the world's greatest aunt and creating things; plus, I think it must be mentioned that I may very well be the queen of sarcasm. That aside, I'm great to be around and though normally quiet, I tend to draw people to me (strange...) and I get loud when I’m excited. What I Do My whole world is built around writing. I do content writing to earn a living right now and I'm working hard to make my publishing venture a success; between those two aspects, WordPress, Triond and Squidoo I'm pretty much always tapping keys. I love it though and I strongly believe that I am exactly where I should be in life, obstacles and all!
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