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Elections aren’t just for politicians anymore; there are different candidates in place and different kinds of voters too.  Purebred Breeders has taken note that dogs have been a big part of this election thus far but now it’s not just the dogs!

Purebred Breeders LLC Animal Planet Independent

Animal Planet is hosting ‘Decision 2012’, an election that nominates our favorite animals to be elected as America’s favorite pet.  The candidates are classified into three different categories: dogs, cats and independent parties, which includes horses, pigs, snakes and more.

The voting is based on some very important issues.  The first of which is taking place now, is the primary on who is the cutest.  This is followed by the primaries on smarts, most talented, most athletic and funniest; each category to be voted on separately.  You should pick the animal that you feel would best represent their party, whether it be The Dog Party, The Cat Party, and The Pet Menagerie Party.

Pet owners are encouraged to submit photos, videos or both to enter into the contest.  Each party is also trying to win your vote with their opinion pieces.  Cats are trying to take the election by storm with their ‘The Cat Party … Fired Up and Ready to Pounce!and dogs are not backing down withWhy Dogs Rock and Cats Are Meh’.  The Independent party is not to be left behind either, they’re saying ‘Enough is enough’ and to forget the two-party system!

Animal Planet is also taking state opinion polls to gauge who would win the election if it was held today, then you can see to what party your state belongs to.

To enter into the race, visit Animal Planet Decision 2012 and start nominating and voting.

For more information on Purebred Breeders LLC, you can visit us at Purebredbreeders.com

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